Retired Boxer Mike Tyson Comes To Aid Of Injured Motorcyclist (Photo)

Retired boxer Mike Tyson revealed his compassionate side last week when he stopped to aid a motorcyclist who had crashed on a Las Vegas interstate.

Ryan Chesley, 29, was riding down Interstate 15 in Las Vegas on Tuesday night when a taxi suddenly cut him off and he crashed. Chesley was lying on the ground when he looked up and half-recognized Tyson, who Chesley assumed was a hallucination.

“He thought he was hallucinating,” Stephen Stubbs, Chesley’s attorney, said. “He thought he was in some other world.”

However, Tyson had actually stopped at the scene and had warned others not to move near Chesley or touch him.

Despite the shock of the boxer’s arrival, Chesley, who had broken bones and torn ligaments, still managed to use his right hand and take a picture of Tyson with his cellphone.

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According to Stubbs, Tyson left immediately after the paramedics arrived “like some kind of superhero."

Tyson’s assistant, Steve Lott, said the boxer received a fruit basket on Friday from Chesley with a hand-written note on it. In the note, Chesley thanked Tyson for looking over him during the accident and noted that it was reassuring to have a heavyweight boxer tell passersby not to approach him.

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(via DailyMail)

Half of the fruit basket had been consumed by Monday, according to Lott, who noted that the pistachios were particularly popular.

Chelsey sustained broken bones and torn ligaments, which means he’ll need surgery in the near future. However, he was released from the hospital after the accident.

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Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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