Heat's LeBron Apologizes for Calling a Retarded Question "Retarded"


Lebron James has issued an apology for muttering "That's retarded" after Dwayne Wade was asked a completely retarded question during a press conference. It's not clear if the retardette "journalist" demanded the apology, or if his own embattered (yet resilient) PR machine pressured him.

It took some "journalist" who "may have worked the game" twenty seconds (count 'em) to accuse Dwayne Wade of being a dirty player, chaffing it all up with gobblespeak and BS. Watch it.

She doesn't even ask a question. Forget it, I'll write up the transcript:

"D-Wade, I just have a, a question, um. What do you have to say about people who may think that your play was somewhat dirty tonight -- er, out of character?"

Wade: "Like who?"

"In general, for people watching the game, some of us who worked the game, just in general, or is that just the level of competition, and emotions, and -"

At this time, James says into his hand, "That's retarded."

You can hear the encouraging smile in her voice (italicized) as she backs off her passive-aggressive accusation, and can hear her make some kind of emphatic gesture.

It is my belief that James was directly commenting on her gesture as she tried to convince Wade to say, "Well no, it's just playoff basketball. The highest level of competition, and emotions run high." That's clearly the answer she had already typed into her iphone.

This is someone who was paid to be at the game. An accredited journalist, allowed to ask a question at a televised press conference. Presumably, she didn't have much time to prepare or rehearse her retarded question.

Lebron James has nothing to apologize for. But the retardization of America is reaching critical mass.

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