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Report: Warriors, Wolves Agree In Principal On Love Deal

With all the talk surrounding LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, it’s easy to forget that another premier NBA player may be on the move soon: Kevin Love.

Love publicly stated his desire to move on from the Timberwolves last month, and rumors have swirled ever since about where he might end up. Numerous reports surfaced over the last week linking Love to the Warriors, and, if ESPN’s Chad Ford is to be believed, there’s some real substance behind them.

According to Ford, the two squads already have the foundations of a deal in place. Here’s what he told Bill Simmons earlier this week.

“Oh, they’re going to do a deal, just get a room already,” he said. “They’ve agreed on the principles. They’ve agreed on Kevin Love and Kevin Martin for David Lee and Klay Thompson. They are fighting over draft protections on draft picks, whether Harrison Barnes and J.J Barea will be in the deal or not. Kevin Love wants to go to Golden State, and Klay Thompson wants to go to Minnesota because he knows he’ll get a bigger contract there.”

Ford’s rationale makes sense on paper, but it’s hard to tell if he’s actually citing inside information or just giving his opinion. Several reports, like this one, came out over the last two days saying talks between Minnesota and Golden State stalled and that Love was unlikely to be dealt before the draft. To be fair, both reports could be true. Love may very well end up in Golden State, and it could happen after the draft. 


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