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Report: Tiger Woods Paid Rachel Uchitel $10 Million to Keep Quiet

A new report says Tiger Woods paid his so called "mistress number one" a whopping $10 million to keep her mouth shut about their alleged affair.

Rachel Uchitel was about to hold a news conference last year confirming a tabloid story about her relationship with Woods when it was abruptly cancelled. reports the $10 million agreement was the reason for the cancellation. Uchitel has been quiet ever since.

TMZ speculations on what dirty secrets Uchitel may know about Woods:

Compare Rachel's settlement with what other A.M's (alleged mistresses) received, if they got anything at all. We're told several mistresses got several hundred thousand dollars, and others got nothing. That speaks volumes about how much Rachel knows. Uchitel's high-powered attorney, the usually very talkative Gloria Allred, simply said "no comment" when asked about the report.

TMZ also reports that insiders say the deal could play a role in any settlement wife Elin Nordegren might get if she decides to divorce Woods:

Reports that Elin could get $300 million under the prenup are absurd. It's more likely the prenup is in the $5 - 10 million range, with provisions for support. But insiders tell us -- with the backdrop of Rachel's settlement -- there's no way Tiger would get off cheaper than $20 mil.


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