Report: Phil Jackson Tells Carmelo Anthony He Plans To Hire Steve Kerr

Big news out of New York.

Phil Jackson told Carmelo Anthony at a private dinner last week that he fully expects to hire Steve Kerr as the Knicks next head coach.

Kerr, who played under Jackson for years, has been rumored to the Knicks ever since Jackson signed on to revamp the team. Up until this point, all of the rumors about Kerr coaching the Knicks were speculation – albeit reasonable speculation. Now, it looks like we have some real substance.

During their private dinner, Jackson told Melo that playing for the Knicks under Kerr would essentially be like playing for Jackson.

"Phil wanted [Anthony] to know that Kerr and his thinking will simply be an extension of himself," one of the sources told the Wall Street Journal. "He wanted Carmelo to know he'll still be able to coach him by extension."

Jackson is hoping to keep Anthony in New York despite the star player’s recent comment that he doesn’t want to be a part of another losing season.

“I want to come back, but I also want to win,” Anthony said at his end of season press conference. “I don’t know if I can afford another season of losing.”

By telling Anthony that Kerr would bring Jackson's strategies to the court, Jackson hopes to convince Melo that winning days are on the horizon at Madison Square Garden.

The Wall Street Journal isn’t the only outlet reporting that Kerr to the Knicks is all but a done deal. The New York Post says the Lakers are no longer considering Kerr in their coaching search because he is already too deep in talks with the Knicks. Given that Phil Jackson’s fiancée, Jeanie Buss, is the Lakers’ president, I’d say that’s a pretty telling report. 


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