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Report: Ohio State Buckeyes Get One-Year Postseason Ban

The Ohio State Buckeyes will reportedly face a one-year ban from the postseason next year as punishment for their highly-publicized past transgressions.

In a year that gave us the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky sex scandal it’s easy to forget how shocked and dismayed the college football universe was when Ohio State got busted for turning a blind eye to players improperly peddling merchandise for various favors. That now seemingly irrelevant story ultimately resulted in Terrelle Pryor making a desperate last-minute leap into the NFL and once-beloved head coach Jim Tressel being forced to step down from his post.

Now, according to the Columbus Dispatch, the Buckeyes will head into Urban Meyer’s inaugural campaign as the school’s new head football coach knowing that there is no way they will reach the holy grail. In addition to the aforementioned postseason punishment, the school will also be forced to vacate nine scholarships over a three-year period and add an additional year of probation to their self-imposed two-year probation period.

The NCAA is also apparently handing down a show-cause penalty to Tressel for failing to pass along the information that his players sold and traded memorabilia during their time on the team. Essentially, this means that, as noted by the Dispatch: “…he is a serious offender and means that any NCAA school that hires him could be subject to sanctions for appointing him as football coach absent a showing it should escape penalties.”

An official announcement is expected to be made this afternoon.

(Kudos to CBS Sports via the Columbus Dispatch for the find)

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