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Report: Locker Room Attendant Took Footballs Into Bathroom Before Patriots’ Game

If you thought deflategate was going away after Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s second press conference, you were wrong.

Belichick set up the second press conference to say it was the last time he would talk about the issue, but with this new report, he will definitely have to answer more questions.

In a new report from Fox Sports, the league has "zeroed in" on a Patriots’ locker room attendant who can be seen on surveillance video taking two bags of footballs, each carrying 12. According to the report, the attendant was in the bathroom for about 90 seconds with the footballs, and one may wonder if that is enough time to take air out of 11 footballs.

According to the report, the surveillance video was discovered by the Patriots and given to the league early in its investigation.

Whether this video can prove the locker room attendant had a hand in the incident or not, the NFL will continue to investigate the case and every detail.

Source: Fox Sports, / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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