NFL: Jackson New Raiders Head Coach


Several insiders are reporting that the Oakland Raiders have made Hue Jackson the next head coach. Jackson was previously the team’s offensive coordinator.

“As expected Hue Jackson is the new coach of the Raiders. Contract finished,” ESPN‘s Michael Smith tweeted.

We don’t know for sure who the next offensive coordinator will be, but Adam Schefter thinks it will be Al Saunders. Jackson will probably be running the offense himself anyway, so who really cares?

There were reports of tension brewing between Tom Cable and Jackson, but the Raiders denied it as always. Then we find out that Cable had fired a grievance against the team for withholding money from his paycheck.

Filing grievances against the team usually isn’t a good way to keep your job. Memo to Hue Jackson: Don’t file a grievance against the Raiders while you still work for them.

And a side note because it’s Martin Luther King Day: Can we finally do away with the Rooney Rule? Plenty of black coaching candidates get high-profile head coaching jobs. There are plenty and guys like Mike Tomlin continue to prove that they can be elite coaches. The Rooney Rule is an insult to black people at this point. It served it’s purpose, now let’s do away with it.


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