Report: Alex Rodriguez Could Face Lifetime Ban From MLB


Milwaukee Brewer’s outfielder Ryan Braun has been suspended for the year for using performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s), but will he be this season’s only victim of the MLB’s wrath?

According to an ESPN Outside the Lines report, probably not. Outside the Line’s June story reported that the MLB has a list of over 20 players that could be suspended because of their connections to Biogenesis, a Miami clinic accused of providing PED’s to professional baseball players.

Among the players listed is New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez. On Monday, ESPN reported that the evidence against Rodriguez is “far beyond” what evidence the league had against Braun.

While some have speculated that A-Rod will be suspended for the remainder of the season, others, like CBS News reporter Jim Axelrod, have gone even further, suggesting that he may be facing a lifetime ban from the league.

According to MLB drug policy, in order to be banned from the MLB for life, Rodriguez would need to have failed three separate PED tests. 

He failed one test with the Texas Rangers in 2003, the year he won the AL-MVP award. At this time, only MLB officials know if Rodriguez has failed any more tests. What is certain, however, is Rodriguez’ suspicious activity this year with the Biogenesis clinic. In April, Rodriguez was caught trying to purchase and destroy documents linking him to the clinic.

Rodriguez’s attempt to hide his Biogenesis paperwork inevitably begs this question: If he is innocent of any wrong involvement with the clinic, why is he trying to burn and hide paperwork?

The MLB is expected to announce their ruling on Rodriguez within the next 2-3 weeks.  In the meantime, he has the support, however wary, of his teammates.

"This caught me off guard, so I don't want to comment too much about it until I know a little bit more, but just the fact that we're talking about it, it's not good," Yankees captain Derek Jeter said. "Any time you're sitting around talking about this kind of stuff, it's not fun, it's not good for the game, but it shows that what [MLB is] trying to do is working, you know what I'm saying?"

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