Knicks Fans Should Remember and Learn From Celtics' “Fire Doc!”

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Already having touched on Mark Jackson, let’s address those who cried themselves to bed when Doc Rivers got an extension in Boston. For this post, I’ll just paste some verbatim quotes and paste certain links providing insight to the  pre-big 3 Celtics.

“This time last season, fans…were chanting, “Fire Doc”…felt he wasn’t getting enough out of a poorly assembled team”

Fire Glenn Doc

“Eventually, Orlando regained the lead and clinched the game on one of those ‘team grabs an offensive rebound off a missed free throw, then gets the backbreaking layup off a bad defensive switch’ sequences that have defined the Doc era.” –Bill Simmons

“Step 3: Fire Doc, bring in some fresh new blood with a new game plan that will stress defense…”

“When the 4-9 Knicks extended their lead to double digits early in the third quarter of Friday’ game, the catcalls began: just a few loudmouths at first screaming for coach Doc Rivers’ head. When the lead hit 22, though, a chant spread through the TD Banknorth Garden: Fire Doc! Fire Doc! Fire Doc!’”

“Personally I think that is hogwash. He’s had better rosters and he’s made it to the playoffs, got outcoached and lost.  His teams have never played much defense and this one might be the worst defensive unit the Beantown faithful have witnessed since, …well, 1996. I don’t buy the excuse that they are too young either. Skiles took a young Bulls team and turned them into a defensive force last year.  Sure, it takes some talented kids, but it also takes the discipline to hammer it into those kids’ heads.  Maybe that can be partially blamed on Danny for making offense a priority, but the coach has a responsibility to preach defense every hour of the day, not just give it lip service.”

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Some of these criticisms look awfully familiar to me. After that the Celtics put together a big 3, and importantly, a solid roster to compliment them, and Rivers, who had never won a title before, won a title.


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