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Relay Runner Breaks Tape Ahead Of Marathon Winner (Video)

Shitaye Gemechu was the female winner of the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon yesterday, but as she neared the finish line another woman suddenly appeared and broke the tape.

According to, the mystery woman was a relay runner named Janice Moore, who was running a mixed-gender relay race, but had crossed over onto the marathon track (video below).

Gemechu officially won the female competition of the marathon with a time of 2:46:45.

"I have nothing but the best respect for Shitaye Gemechu and did not mean to go in front of her," Moore told "I thought she was another relay runner. It all happened so fast. It wasn't until she pulled out her country's flag that I realized who she was."

"We had another rival relay team we were trying to beat, and I felt like I was losing time," added Moore. "So I switched over to the full marathon area, which was almost empty. She came up behind me in a flash. I didn't even see the banner until I was there. It might be helpful to have someone standing where the race splits and give each group their own chute."

The womens' finish begins at 1:05 on the video below.



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