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Reggie Bush’s Heisman Gesture is Insulting

It’s a shame Reggie Bush isn’t as elusive at the NFL level as he was in all things related to college football. From his scandalous, violation-filled days as a USC player, to his amazing ability to dodge answering any and all questions related to his time at the school, Bush has proven himself to be untouchable.

In his latest act of so-called contrition, Bush returned his Heisman Trophy after four years of denying he did anything wrong at USC. In his statement, the running back made some sort of references to public scrutiny, media pressure, etc. You know, all the things that apparently forced him to willingly and knowingly break NCAA regulations that everyone else had to abide by.

But the worst part is, people actually seemed to buy it. Fans, media talking heads, sports personalities and the like are actually acting as if Bush did something noble. That giving back a trophy that the Saints running back knew would, at some point, be pried from his fingers was some sort of respectable gesture. Today on ESPN’s 1st and 10 someone even eluded to it being a good example for children.


The only good thing Bush has done for children is make Kim Kardashian single again, keeping hope alive for kids everywhere.

Bush made this amazingly kind gesture the same day he board of trustees that controls the Heisman Trophy met. An unfortunate coincidence, no doubt. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind out there that if Bush hadn’t packed his desk and gone home, that security would have escorted him out? He knew his precious award would be stripped at any moment, so he decided to fool as many gullible fans as he still had left.

Mission accomplished, apparently. Some people took the bait.

This is the same guy who, since 2006, has denied any and all wrongdoing related to the accusations levied against him at USC. Not once did he ever come out and say he did something wrong, nor did he apologize for any of the actions that ended up costing his school one of the toughest penalties ever forced onto a college football program.

Why would he? He made his money, so what difference did it make to him if the school suffered? And of course “made his money” isn’t limited to his NFL contract. Bush also made his fair share through the improper benefits we all know he received, but he still refuses to admit he took during his days in school.

You know what the actual honorable move would have been? It would have been coming out in 2006 and saying: “I was wrong. I took improper benefits that I knew were wrong, but I still accepted them because of the shady system that’s in place for remarkable college athletes like myself.”

If he had done that, he would have been a hero. Now he’s just another lying, fake athlete who couldn't care less about the fans who made him the brand name he is.  And make no mistake, it is the fans, because in his time with the Saints he’s hardly proven himself to be anything besides a slightly above average NFL player who can only contribute in certain situations.

Bush said in his statement that he wanted to work with the trustees of the Heisman Trophy to create a program to help student athletes avoid the pitfalls that got him. Not that he’d ever mention those pitfalls. No, that would be actual contrition. That would be actually admitting fault.

But that just isn’t the running back’s style. Never has been.

Maybe he should try a visualization technique in his next game. Something straight out of Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy.” The next time he gets handed the ball, he can pretend opposing players are actually responsible for his actions. That way he’ll probably end up setting a new world record with the way he blows past them.


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