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Reggie Bush, Denard Robinson and Michael Vick

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???by Jay R Jay

With the 21-14 minor upset of the Chargers, the Chiefs ended what was to be the first week of the 2010-2011 NFL season and second week of the entire football season. Thank goodness it’s still early.

I say “early” because for some of the teams around the nation, college or pro, it might just be time to press the rewind button and restart the season. As I sit here and write this I remind myself of why I am a sports fan and why sometimes (no matter what part of the season you find yourself in) you want to just throw in the towel and say it’s over. But you just can’t. You just won’t, well until it really is over of course. This is the test, the same test every fan who pledges their allegiance to a team goes through at some point. I say to all of those fans this week, hold tight as it may be ugly right now, real ugly, but hopefully right around that corner is your Nia Long, your Eva Mendes, your Shakira/Beyonce, your beautiful (I apologize ladies, I know all of my analogies are women but hey I’m a man).

If you are already sitting pretty, more power to you. I wish you the best in the rest of the journey as I present to you the makeup of the nation:

Your Sister is Beautiful Feeling: Wes Welker and his 8 catch 64 yards including 1 touchdown performance after coming back from a severe ACL & MCL torn leg injury. He is potent in that slot position and showed it while playing against some pretty good corners.

Ugly: Tell me this isn’t a catch! I could have sworn when you put hands or a hand on the ball and grip it while falling to the ground and landing inbounds you have made what is considered to be a catch. It’s been this way ever since football was created. Why is it different now?

Sloth of The Goonies Ugly: The NFL with all of its interpretation rules is getting ridiculous and more importantly soft. The NFL is getting more and more pillow-like as the years go by. I thought instant replay was for the horribly blown calls officials make, not every close play someone wants to cry about. I have played sports all of my life, making it to the highest of levels in one particular sport and have been a part of numerous bad calls—it happens. This is getting sickening! Instant replay in the NFL has gone far enough. Whatever happened to just being on the wrong side of a close call no matter what? Replay doesn’t even work a percentage of the time even when it shows that something might need to be changed. Couple that with cornerbacks who can’t even touch a WR just about anywhere without receiving a flag thrown on them, the taming of defensive players from laying bone crushing hits because they are too scared of “leading with the helmet”, to the quarterback not even being considered a football player because you can’t so called “drive him to the ground”. The NFL seems to be turning into cotton candy! There are parts of the game that are starting to turn into a gymnastics rhythm dance competition.

Beautiful: I’m all for power house college programs and repeat National Champions but it is great to see some of these smaller schools start to beat some of the bigger programs. It just goes to show that maybe, just maybe, some of these so called upsets aren’t that much of an unthinkable thing anymore. Unlike 20 years ago where South Dakota St had no shot, smaller schools on the move are competing now. I’m not sure if the limits of scholarships, switching of conferences or just plain out better athletes are the difference, but the Appalachian St’s of the world seem to be here in full effect. By the way, that loss by Michigan doesn’t seem as bad right now. It seems to be the first one of many now! Speaking of the Maize and Blue…

Real Beautiful, Downright Supermodel Appeal: Denard Robinson! 885 yards in two games, more offensive yards accounted for then all but 33 teams in the nation! This cat is the truth, I know it is only two games but he is legit, that’s obvious. He has lead Michigan over 2 teams a lot of people think will matter to some degree at the end of the season and has a shot to enter the Big Ten conference play at 4-0. He kind of looks like a smaller version of Michael Vick! Check his running style and the way he cuts, there are a lot of similarities. They make hard stop on a dime cuts and movements with a fluid motion. Plus they both throw the ball so damn hard and on a rope of a line just about every time. Michigan has something no matter what the doubters say, and what makes it so much better is they don’t even want the spotlight. They just want to play.They will not win the conference championship but they sure look like they can compete. They have just enough of a front 7 to play the run pretty well plus have some pieces returning this week hopefully (Junior Hemmingway & Fitzgerald Toussaint) and a few other players gearing up to get some more action (Michael Cox & Teric Jones). Could be a solid 7 to 8 win team with something to build on next year.

Ugly Duckling to Swan Story: Well, well, well it looks as if the man PETA loves to hate just might be the sole owner of another type of animal, an eagle. Mike Vick took the reins of a losing Philadelphia Eagles team midway through the game and almost brought them all the way back to tie it up. Vick looks to have gotten his football legs under him and might just be ready to resort to cutting up opposing defenses. The Eagles either caught a break with Kolb going down or might have just started something they didn’t want to. Kevin Kolb, yea sure, ok!

The Lady Gaga (Look, Some People Think She’s Beautiful While Others Know There is Something Not Quite Right): Reggie Bush is reportedly forfeiting his Heisman Trophy award. It’s not all that shocking but there a few things that stem from this. He can give it back all he wants but we all have the memory of him being the best player in 2005. Obviously money means more than achievement to Reg. All he had to do was give back $300,000 and we would have never heard anything about this. We all have plenty of trophies at home just sitting around or packed in a box somewhere. Who cares it’s just a trophy, you can’t do anything special with it, it’s not a Transformer or anything. This is just another reason to add to the list of why Student Athletes should get paid. If he would have gotten some type of real compensation from USC he probably wouldn’t have taken Mr. Lake’s money.

Needs a Makeover:Virginia Tech and the ACC! Not only did Kansas beat the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, Florida St looks like they were outmanned in Oklahoma and Miami and Jacory Harris handed Ohio St the victory. The real shock though was James Madison University stealing one from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. They along with the rest of the conference need to get it together because this hurts the most to, see below…

Wants a Makeover: Boise St and their National Championship aspirations. With VA Tech losing, my “don’t call them a Cinderella” team anymore just fell to Sleeping Beauty status. You know that one Disney princess most people seem to forget about; the afterthought behind Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Belle and Jasmine. I mean did she even have a name? (Writer’s note- It was Aurora, I admit I had to look that up). But you see where I’m getting at here, now one of the teams they depended on looks worse than a team in their own conference. Don’t panic yet they still have the rest of the season to prove their worth but they sure took a major hit without even playing!

A Makeover Will Not Work, Where’s the Plastic Surgery?: It pains me to say this but the San Francisco 49ers have not changed. In this line of work a lot of my fellow sports media peers speak against being a fan while working within the profession, but not me. I understand that presenting sports to the masses calls for me to be unbiased and fair, I completely understand that. I try to be as fair as anyone can be when reporting and covering an event but I disagree with the idea that just because I work amongst the sports world I can’t be a fan. You can rest assured that no matter the circumstance I am still a fan at heart and will always be. Real is real and that is why I need to call out the 49ers, let’s get real! We (yes I said we, I’m a part of the team, as a fan I spend money to support their wages) had four issues to deal with coming out of last year’s debacle. Sure up the offensive line, seek secondary help, find some pass rush and secure quality QB play! Well we did one of those things; we tried to sure up the offensive line with spending two 1st round draft picks on O-Lineman. Nothing else has changed! The organization is not fooling anyone but themselves. Due to the fact that it was only one game I’m going to stay cool but we are in trouble, deep trouble. As a matter of fact I might contact the editors and see if I can take part in our Open Letter Series here at the Hype to write you! It’s time to get it together and I’m talking about accurately unlike Alex Smith!

2 Minute Drive, Denard Robinson Style…

The NL West is going to come down to who can score. Pitching is dominating for the most part; who can score runs seems to be the difference between a win and loss. On the other hand the AL & NL East seems to be operating completely opposite. Pitching will win that division.

If anything turns out to be true from this supposed incident regarding Floyd “Money” May and his baby’s mama I will be upset . How is he going to fight her and not Pacquaio?

Who do you have in the fight Saturday? Are you taking the old, skilled veteran Shane Moseley or are you taking the fresh, well rested Sergio Mora? Give me the Pomona native Moseley in a late round stoppage, say 8th round.



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