Referee ​Takes Phone Call During Basketball Game (Video)


A basketball game between North Whidbey Middle School and Oak Harbor Middle School in Oak Harbor, Washington, is garnering unexpected attention because of one of the referees.

According to Deadspin, the unidentified referee was caught on video (below) spending a minute talking on his phone while working the game.

USA Today noted the referee was on the phone during three possessions.

In response to the controversy, Kellie Tormey from Oak Harbor Public Schools told Sporting News in a statement:

"I’d like to clarify the fact related to the video post and comment you made this morning. We did some fact checking. Turns out the ref was calling his supervisor to report that a referee was needed at a crosstown game with 44 kids and no officials. Poor judgment to call during the game? Yes, but his intention was to help the other school. The referee organization has confirmed the call and is investigating the incident."

Sources: Deadspin, USA Today, Sporting News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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