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Ref Admits Costing Seahawks a Superbowl Victory

In Super Bowl XL, the Pittsburgh Steelers knocked off the Seattle Seahawks in what was one of the worst Super Bowls of all time. The game was relatively close at 21-10, but in general, it stunk. It was awful because the Steelers weren’t all that great and their QB Ben Roethlisberger had a horrific, rape-like day throwing the ball. It was the worst game by a winning quarterback in Super Bowl history.

It also stunk because Seattle wasn’t that great either, but they should have had a better chance to win the game if it wasn’t for the referees. And recently, the games referee Bill Leavy admitted as much.

It was a tough thing for me,” Leavy said on Friday. “I kicked two calls in the fourth quarter, and I impacted the game, and as an official you never want to do that.”

He didn’t say exactly what the two calls were, but it’s not difficult to guess. Sean Locklear was called for a holding penalty that no one else saw, that negated a pass play that would have had Seattle in business at the Steelers’ one-yard line. That’s kind of a big deal.

Especially since Matt Hasselbeck threw a pick right after that. On top of that, he was called for an illegal low block while making the tackle on the play. Yeah, read that again. We still don’t understand how that can happen, and apparently Leavy doesn’t either.

“It left me with a lot of sleepless nights, and I think about it constantly,” he said. “I’ll go to my grave wishing that I’d been better. I know that I did my best at that time, but it wasn’t good enough.

“When we make mistakes, you got to step up and own them. It’s something that all officials have to deal with, but unfortunately when you have to deal with it in the Super Bowl, it’s difficult.”

Fair enough. You have to give the guy credit for owning the mistakes. But while we’re at it, what about the phantom pass interference call on Darrell Jackson in the first half that wipe out a Seattle TD? They had to settle for a FG.

And how about Big Ben’s TD that he didn’t really score? At least they had replay for that one.

We aren’t ones to blame the refs for much and there is no guarantee that the Seahawks would have won the game if it was called differently. But yeah, the refs really Schruted that one.


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