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Redskins' Jabar Gaffney Takes Down Wife, Lito Sheppard with Series of Angry Tweets

Washington Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney went temporarily insane on Thursday afternoon. In a mildly troubling series of profanity-laced tweets, he went off on his wife and cousin Lito Sheppard for very difficult to understand reasons. The tweets seem to indicate that Gaffney’s totally random issues with Sheppard “don’t got nothing to do bout a girl,” but seeing as they came in the same stream of consciousness as the rest of the rambling, you can’t help but wonder if maybe that’s not entirely true.

The good folks over at Larry Brown Sports were kind enough to compile a censored version of the tweets, so we’ll feature those below. It is worth noting, however, that since his rant, Gaffney has come out and claimed that he was hacked. Make of that what you will.

Here are the tweets that Gaffney’s “hacker” sent out (via LBS):

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