Redskins Expose How Truly Awful the Eagles Are

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Wow, so the Eagles really do suck.

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin threw for 200 yards, four touchdowns and near perfection (14-15) against a weak Eagles defense. The Philly Messiah, Nick Foles, threw an INT on his opening drive, and he followed it up with another one on the next drive. He was sacked four times for negative 27 yards. His offensive line could not stop the onslaught of maroon jerseys as they descended on Foles. The Eagles were penalized nine times for 70 yards. Their defense gave up 361 yards.

Did anything go right for the Eagles? Where do they go from here? And with Dallas struggling to beat the weak Cleveland Browns in OT last Sunday, are the Redskins real playoff contenders?

Robert Griffin had a phenomenal game in which he amassed 284 total yards (those 84 he dug out on the ground made him the leading rusher AND passer on the team). Griffin has thrown to nine different receivers with 277 attempts season, and he only has three INTs with his name on them (most likely because he’s such an adept rusher). Washington D held Philly to 257 total yards. The Redskins looked and played like a team with purpose.

Should so much praise be showered on a QB playing the game alone? Griffin has proven himself in past games, but the 6 in the L column outweigh the 4 in the W. They have moved within a game of Dallas, and the two play each other on Turkey Day. The Redskins have lost to teams like the woeful Carolina Panthers, Bengals and Rams, teams they should have beaten. The Redskins were also sloppy in the penalty department, giving up 80 yards in 13 penalties.

Safety Brandon Merriweather made his first appearance as a Redskin after being sidelined for nine weeks with a sprained right knee, and he had an interception against Foles. But he tore his left ACL doing battle with the Eagles and out for at least the next game. The Redskins scrambled and signed CB Jerome Murphy today, a journeyman who was released by the Detroit Lions on September 29 and has seen action with the Rams, Saints and Lions in his 3-year career.

Finally, there’s Eagles coach Andy Reid, who swears he will not step down as head coach. On Monday he reported that he is in Philly to stay until owner Jeffery Lurie fires him.

That clock has been ticking for at least three of the Eagles last six consecutive losses.


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