Redskins Executive Stops ESPN Interview with Colt McCoy (Video)


The Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys last night in an exciting overtime win, but Redskins Senior VP of Communications Tony Wyllie would not allow ESPN Deportes, a Spanish-language sports channel, to interview quarterback Colt McCoy.

According to USA Today, McCoy appeared as if he wanted to talk to Sutcliffe, but Wyllie turned the player around (video below). 

Wyllie pushed McCoy past ESPN Deportes reporter John Sutcliffe while yelling, “No means no!”

Wyllie later told NBC Sports that Sutcliffe didn't give prior notice to interview McCoy after the game, but Sutcliffe tried to interview the quarterback anyway, which prompted Wyllie to spring into action.

Wyllie wanted McCoy in the Redskins' locker room during an interview with coach Jay Gruden.

“[Sutcliffe] interviewed Colt McCoy a short time later,” ESPN later said in a statement. “We have moved on and turned our focus to next Monday’s Colts-Giants telecast.”

Sources: USA Today, NBC Sports


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