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MLB: Red Sox Front-Runners for Russell Martin?

If there is a free agent on the market right now in MLB, you can probably link him/her to the Boston Red Sox. They acquired Adrian Gonzalez and then paid the hell out of Carl Crawford.

Now, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Sox are considered the favorite team to land former Dodgers catcher Russell Martin.

“Heard this: Boston is viewed as the front-runner for Russell Martin at this point, according to folks with knowledge of the talks,” Olney tweeted.

The Red Sox do need to do something at catcher, unless you are sold on Jarrod Saltalmacchia, which we aren’t. They lost Victor Martinez to the Detroit Tigers in free agency. And should we even mention the name Jason Varitek? Okay, we won’t.

The Yankees have already extended Martin an offer, telling him that they view him as a starter. So, if the Red Sox don’t do something quickly, they might not even have a chance with Martin.


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