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Real Madrid Signs Leo from Argentina! Wait, this Leo Coira is 7

Imagine what Barcelona fans thought when they heard arch nemesis Real Madrid had signed a certain long-haired, number-10-wearing Leo from Argentina. But calm down, this Leo is only seven years old.

But like Leo Messi -- widely considered the greatest soccer player in the world -- young Leo Coira also hails from soccer-mad Argentina. And he's got the same exact look, same exact jersey number and considerable talent.

What about his young age? Actually, it may sound odd here in the states, where people are shocked when a college recruits an eighth grade basketball or football player, but youth developmental contracts are common place in the world of soccer.

Messi signed one, as do many of the world's great players. And there's also the matter of pre-emptive strikes. Soccer clubs are notorious for rushing to sign players so their enemies can't sign them faster.

"If you think that Real Madrid officials weren't positively terrified by the thought of this young Argentine Leo eventually ending up at Barcelona's famed La Masia Academy, the breeding ground which groomed Messi's talent and helped transform it from potential to genius, you're kidding yourself," Yahoo Sports said. Here's a video of the young Leo.


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