Real-Life Rocky? Old Man Pummels Young Fighter In Boxing Ring (Video)


I feel pretty confident in saying this video is the most unexpected thing you’ll see all day.

VayTube posted a video yesterday showing an old man – grandpa sweater and all – stepping into a boxing ring to square off with a fit young fighter.

Any reasonable person would expect bystanders to break up this “fight” after about 10 seconds when the young guy starts beating up his elderly adversary. Well, like I said, what happens in this video is the complete opposite of what you’d expect.

The young fighter doesn’t beat down his elderly opponent. On the contrary, this old man absolutely goes to town on the young guy, landing numerous blows to his face while dodging a few punches on the way. He even gets a knockdown. It’s surreal.

To everyone who said Rocky VI was unrealistic, I give you this:

H/T: Bleacher Report


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