NBA 2010 Free Agency Thoughts and Analysis

Yes, I’m one of those that watched the clock countdown until the clock struck midnight (well, on the East coast at least). I’m not sure if I was expecting something to really happen, or not. In reality, it’s way too soon for any thing to happen. At least that’s what I think. Still, I was refreshing twitter each minute for any sort of tidbit. Nothing other than an awesome tweet from Rockets GM Daryl Morey about his visit to Chris Bosh. So, I’m not sure if anything has changed. Or if we even know anything other than the obvious.

We know one thing: LeBron more than likely controls the dominoes. Have you ever seen those kids, or really old people with way too much time, set up the long, never-ending snake of dominoes? They barely tap the first one, and in a flash thousands of dominoes have fallen right in order. Well, LeBron is the first domino. Joe Johnson might sign with the Hawks before him (hahahaha, Atlanta….yeah) but a good player that disappears in the playoffs isn’t going to make the top free agents in the game fall head over  heels. Although people are in love with Bosh, and I can’t think of anything he’s won. Even Tracy McGrady thinks he needs to work on his playoff success.

So, it is LeBron. It’s not King James anymore. It’s just LeBron.  All kings must earn their crown. But with that being said, he does control the free agent landscape. So, I guess he’s technically “King of the Free Agents.” Deep down I think Bosh wants to hitch his wagon to the James train. If he has his way, he’s going to follow James somewhere. But, Bosh might be a sign-and-trade guy which could make his salary more than LeBron’s, especially if the Miami Dream Team comes to fruition. Can you imagine the guy that takes the least amount of shots, and is third in line when it comes to carrying his team making more than a guy obsessed with being a global icon? Ha! Yeah, me either.  And if you believe some of the Miami Herald and other reports, it really doesn’t sound like Dwayne Wade is that interested in Bosh. Amar’e and Carlos Boozer seem to be ahead on the pecking order.

It’s been 12+ hours since free agency began, and here is what I think I know:

1) LeBron controls pretty much all the dominoes, and I sincerely doubt Cleveland is an option. That basically will tarnish some of his legacy, but that’s another discussion.

2) Atlanta is willing to pay a guy that disappeared in the second round of the playoffs max contract dollars. Is being an NBA executive really that simple? I mean, I can’t think of a single person that thinks it’s a good idea.  ”Hey yo, thanks for leading us to a second round sweep! Here is a contract that makes Dwayne Wade blush. Sincerely, the Atlanta Hawks.” I guess that’s why the Hawks are the Hawks.

3) Richard Jefferson better have a plan, because no one is going to pay him 15.2 million dollars next season. That was a headline you had to read five time just to understand. And when you’re finally able to put it into perspective, it basically reads “Man turns down money. A lot of money.”

4) Carmelo is now in play. This could get interesting…

5) With Paul Pierce, Dirk, and Jefferson opting out, the Celtics, Spurs, and Mavs are now teams to keep an eye on. Ultimately, I think Nowitzki returns to Dallas, and Pierce goes back to Boston. But stranger things have happened. If Amar’e jumps ship from the great state of immigration debate, Dirk might be tempted for a reunion with Steve Nash.

6) The Rockets are going to make some sort of move. I can feel it. Somewhere I picture Morey in his wizard’s suit working his Blackberry (he seems like a Blackberry kind of guy) and casting curses of stupidity on opposing GMs. Hell, he could probably convince the Hawks keeping Al Horford is a bad idea.

And finally, I know that I have no idea when all of this will go down. And I know for some reason I’ll begin to hate James more and more with each passing day, but like the Brett Favre saga, I won’t be able to pull my head away from the updates. Somewhere, David Stern is sitting back and smiling as this all unfolds.


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