Another DUI Arrest for Louisville's Darius Ashley


Cards’ cornerback Darius Ashley was arrested this past weekend for drunk driving when he rear ended a police car at a stoplight.

Darius, who is legally old enough to drink, reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.186, which is obviously well over the legal limit. This is the second time he has been arrested for this offense, the first being only seven months ago in which he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car in a fast food restaurant parking lot. His blood alcohol level in that instance was 0.192. Coach Charlie Strong knows about the incident and according to various reports, is “dealing with it.”

This thing is just sad.

Darius Ashley has a wealth of talent. After coming to Louisville as a highly touted running back from Cincinnati St. X, he switched to defensive back to help out the team last Spring. He totaled two picks last year and seemed to get better at the position as the year went on. However, with the events of this past weekend, it seems highly unlikely, at least to me, he will play for the Cards again.

I 100% believe in giving people chances. Nobody is perfect and every single one of us are entitled to making mistakes, sometimes on multiple occasions. But this type of poor judgment cannot go unpunished. Not only did Darius endanger the lives of himself and others on the road, he just got popped for this very thing seven months ago. To do something dumb is one thing, but to not learn from it and repeat the same offense is something else.

It will be interesting to see how Charlie Strong handles the situation. This is his first type of encounter with a major problem off the field involving one of his players and Charlie will be judged on how he deals with it. If I were in his position, I would tell Darius his days on the Louisville football team are over. Again, everyone is entitled to a mistake, but Ashley blew his second chance as far as I’m concerned.

Playing football at the University of Louisville, or at any other school, is a privilege, not a right. From his actions of this past weekend, it appears he did not view it that way. Darius messed up seven months ago, but was given a shot at redemption by not getting kicked off the team. We will see how this plays out as Charlie Strong has yet to make a final determination, but I just do not see any way Darius Ashley is a member of the Louisville football team come August.


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