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Ray Tanner to be Named New South Carolina Athletic Director ‎

Well it appears the growing speculation that the University of South Carolina, after losing Eric Hyman to Texas A&M, would name Ray Tanner the next athletic director is true. broke the news today that on Friday the USC President will hold a press conference naming Tanner the man-in-charge.

This is a blow to USC baseball after the run they have had but we are confident the foundation for success has been laid for Chad Holbrook. He is the guy that will get the keys to the ship and continue the progression of USC baseball. One thing for sure is, Tanner is leaving the baseball program not only in good hands but on solid footing.

As for Tanner as the AD, we here at LOHD are confident he can get the job done. He is a proven winner and has had administrative experience with his tenure at N.C. State. Hyman left the program in the black and pointing in the right direction. It is now Tanner's job to continue squeezing potential out of the sports programs at USC. He has solid coaches around him. He just needs to now focus on putting the right facilities in place, demanding a culture of "winning" and getting people to support all the sports programs not only via attendance but through their checkbooks too.

Mr. Tanner, congrats. We know you will do well. We are behind you.

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