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Boston Celtics Star Ray Allen Still Has It

This season countless NBA fans and writers have hinted – or flat out complained – that  Ray Allen’s game has started to slip.

Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

While looking at his scoring averages there would appear to be reason for concern since his average this season as 16.3 points per game  marks the lowest of his NBA career since his rookie season. However, that stat only shows a small snippet of his game. The full story is that Allen is carrying the scoring load for Boston on most nights while still shooting a higher percentage from the field than his career average.

Tonight Allen proved he still has the athleticism needed to be an elite shooting guard in the NBA with a flashy move where he wrapped the ball around his back in the fourth quarter while earning a trip to the charity stripe. An impressive move and night for a guy that is supposedly washed up.

After the game I asked Allen about the play and he burst into a huge grin.

“We called a timeout and the only thing I could keep thinking about was capping that play off with a free throw,” Allen admitted to Hoops Addict while grinning. “You can’t miss a free throw after making a play like that.”

Following that quip he got serious and provided me with a great quote that showed his appreciation for history of the game.

“One thing I’ve always known about playing basketball is most of the game is the simple stuff,” Allen explained to me. “Watching John Stockton play he never really did anything fancy. He kept it simple, but there was always that one play where he would do something fancy and then everybody’s jaws would drop. Sometimes that’s what the play calls for but for the most part it’s the simple pass or shot.”

While a flashy play from Allen may be a rare occurrence, his ability to make big shots isn’t. Even though his scoring average has dipped he is shooting above his career average from the field and from the charity stripe so it looks like his stroke and ability to make the simple play or shot is still there for the grizzled vet.

Luckily for Celtics fans it appears the rumors of Allen’s demise appear to be greatly exaggerated.

[[Article originally appeared on Hoops Addict]]


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