Ravens Fans Lined Up By The Thousands Today To Exchange Their Ray Rice Jerseys


Ravens fans lined up by the thousands today at M&T Bank Stadium to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys. The Ravens ran a jersey exchange in hopes of removing the embattled running back’s jerseys from their fan base. All fans had to do was show up with a licensed Ray Rice jersey, and they could exchange it for the jersey of any other player on the team.

The line from the M&T Bank Stadium merchandise store was hundreds of feet long this morning.

Check out this picture of the line, courtesy of twitter user @Claytonbelcher7:

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The Baltimore Sun interviewed a number of people waiting in the line. People said the reason they’re exchanging their jerseys is simple: wearing a Rice jersey sends the wrong message.

"What [Rice] did wasn't right, and I don't want to wear a jersey of a player who acted like that," said college student Zachary Blankenship. "He was my favorite player. I could care less about him now."


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