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Celtics' Rasheed Wallace Retires

Rasheed Wallace, after a couple years of fighting through an aching body, has officially decided to retire, a source tells’s David Aldridge.

Many uneducated NBA fans label Sheed as a ‘thug,’ which can’t be further from the truth.  On the court, his yelling, pouting, and complaining after every questionable foul (every foul is questionable to Sheed) has overshadowed all the good things this man has done.

We all know what kind of player he was on the court.  In the prime of his career, one could argue he was the best power forward in the game or at least the most complete.  Not only could a team run an offense through him at the post, but he played outstanding defense, rebounded, and hustled on every play.  He was a player that coaches loved to have on their team.  He was worth every single technical foul.

But what I want to touch on is what he does off the court for The Rasheed A Wallace Foundation.  Sheed established this organization in 1997 and it focuses on funding recreation centers, youth programs, athletic teams and camps through charitable contributions to promote social, cultural and academic development for youths in every community that Rasheed had a presence.  A few of the areas that benefit from the foundation are Philadelphia, Portland, and Durham, North Carolina and Sheed still remains very active in his communities.

If every NBA player gave back to their communities like Sheed does for his, the youths all throughout the country would have better opportunities in life.  So, the next time you hear someone calling Sheed a ‘thug,’ make sure you correct them.


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