Rashard Mendenhall to the Arizona Cardinals?

In an article posted just yesterday I listed some of the more thrifty options for the Arizona Cardinals at running back. Today I present to you another thrifty option that is worth getting a look. A serious look at that. Just to end the suspense, the player in question is Rashard Mendenhall.

The Cardinals desperately need help at running back. Well, just about everywhere other than receiver on offense to be honest. They don’t have a ton of money to spend either. The Cardinals pursuing Mendenhall makes sense for all of these reasons, and then some.

For starters, Mendenhall has a great relationship with new head coach Bruce Arians. Arians was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh when they drafted Mendenhall in the first round back in 2008. They developed a great working relationship in their time together in Pittsburgh. With Arians calling the plays in Pittsburgh Mendenhall hit the 1,000 yard mark twice and fell less than 80 short a third.

Mendenhall’s value isn’t exactly what it should be either. Last season was definitely one to forget. Mendenhall struggled with injuries and ball security all season. He was also suspended for one game due to conduct detrimental to the team. Like every other player on the Steelers offense he also seemed to have a hard time adjusting to Todd Haley’s new offense.

His last season in Pittsburgh has undoubtedly put a chip on Mendenhall’s shoulder. As they tried all season long to replace him, I would have to imagine he is itching to prove he’s a capable starter in this league. He will get an opportunity to do just that in Arizona.

If the Cardinals can justify giving Kevin Kolb a multitude of opportunities to prove his worth, why not take a flyer on Mendenhall? He’s won a Super Bowl, he has two 1,000 yard seasons under his belt and he knows Arians system. It just might be the perfect fit, for both sides.

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