Rashad Evans Thinks Georges St-Pierre Could Beat Anderson Silva


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is in the corner of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre if he decides to face Anderson Silva in a super-fight. Evans recently appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss such a collision of fighters.

"I definitely think he's got a shot against Anderson. One thing about Anderson is this right here: Anderson's a great fighter, I mean, the one thing with Anderson is he has a problem defending the takedown," Evans said. "On the ground sometimes he allows people to advance position way too much."

Evans pointed to the first Silva-Sonnen bout in which Sonnen dominated for four-plus rounds before getting caught in a submission. Also, during their second meeting, Sonnen again took "The Spider" down early in the fight.

"You get a guy like Georges St-Pierre in a position like that, Anderson may not make it to another round," Evans said. "Does Georges have enough razzle-dazzle in order to get in and take the shot? I say yes. I think so, I think Georges beats Anderson; I really do."

St-Pierre has yet to confirm his interest in a meeting with Silva, while both Silva and UFC president Dana White have been very vocal about the bout happening.

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