Rashad Evans Confident Heading into UFC 145


A confident Rashad Evans broke down the keys to victory against Jon Jones one last time before he steps into the Octagon for the light heavyweight championship at UFC 145 tonight. You can expect the takedowns, but "Suga" says you can't count out his knockout power either.

"It's definitely being overlooked in this fight," said Evans of his striking. "I think people don't really see me for everything that I can do and they just see me as eking out wins or whatever the case may be. But they do definitely forget that I have the devastating power to finish fights."

Much has been made of "Rashad 2.0" as Evans has worked hard to transform his game after losing the belt to Lyoto Machida at UFC 98. Four victories later, Evans said he's retooled his game and promises to take Jones out early.

"Jon Jones is going down in round two. Jon Jones can't whoop me, no one can whoop me," said Evans, doing his best "Ali" impersonation.

"There's a lot that Jon Jones hasn't seen about me. When it comes down to it, you can't be the same fighter in this game. You constantly have to evolve and if you're not evolving you're getting passed over so I try and evolve my game all the time."

Pegged an underdog by many, Evans believes his experience besting Jones in training will help him pull off the upset. Yet, as much as Evans has retooled his game, Jones skills have improved exponential between each fight. The question will not be who has changed the most, but who has changed for the better.

"Getting the belt back has been something I really prize and I really want just because of the fact that it's something that I didn't get to hold that long and I didn't really get to hold the belt the way I wanted to," Evans explained.

He will get his chance tonight when the UFC main card kicks off at 10PM ET from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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