Rashad Evans and Jon Jones are No Longer Beefing, Apparently

Rashad Evans (17-2-1) and Jon Jones (16-1) have gone from teammates to bitter enemies, as they competed over the light heavyweight championship. Now Evans looks to steer the friendship back on track.

"He can actually be a good person, but I think him slipping back and forth between the person he thinks people want him to be and who he truly is has really messed him up," said Evans on MMA Fighting.

Evans was open to the idea that the two could feed off the other at times of need.

"Of course, if he ever needed me for anything, I'll be there to talk to him and to help him out if he needs it," said Evans. "And I don't know everything there is to know about life, either, so if there's something I have a problem with, I'm sure I can learn from him too."

After several injuries caused their original fight to be postponed, the two met at UFC 145 where Jones defeated Evans to retain his championship.

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