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MLB News: Rangers Meet with Cliff Lee Again

Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels confirmed to on Wednesday that he and Nolan Ryan met with free agent pitcher Cliff Lee. We don’t know if it was to talk about baseball or for the three of them to visit one of the lovely museums in the state of Arkansas (we’ve heard the Monet exhibit in the Southern Little Rock Museum of Ancient and Modern Science and Archeticture is to die for!).

Daniels declined to say exactly what they were doing there or if a formal offer was made.

“It’s a process with only one point that’s really worthy of talking about, and that’s when there’s a decision made,” Daniels said. “No sense in trying to dissect and analyze everything else, but I realize that’s what goes on this time of year.”

Lee’s teammate with the Rangers, Ian Kinsler, went on a Dallas radio station on Wednesday and said he talked to Lee about the visit.

“Basically, I said, ‘What’s going on in Arkansas?’ [Lee] said, ‘the Rangers are down here again,’” Kinsler said. “I was like, ‘Well, just sign whatever they give you.’ He said, ‘Let’s see what happens. We have to wait it out.’

“I said, ‘Remember, I like being your teammate.’ And he said, ‘I do, too, but we have to wait it out.’ I said, ‘Just sign it.’ And then he sent me a picture of a deer [that a friend had bagged on his property].”

So there you have it. More conjecture. We’ll know where Lee signs when he does so. It looks like a two-horse race between the Rangers and Yankees. The Nationals have been mentioned, but…c’mon.


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