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MLB News: Rangers Complete Beltre Deal

According to Tim Brown (not the former Oakland Raiders WR) of Yahoo! Sports, the Texas Rangers have agreed to a deal with third baseman Adrian Beltre. The deal is reportedly done pending a physical.

The rumors out there have this as a six-year, $96 million contract. That would be ridiculous. Yes, Beltre hit .321 last year with 28 HR’s and 102 RBI’s. Those are great numbers. But he’s 31-years old and hadn’t hit the 100-RBI mark since 2004.

Remember, time flies. 2004 was a very long time ago. The 28 HR’s are also his most since that same year. His batting average? Yes, the highest since 2004. .276 was his previous high-water mark during that time.

And look at his numbers before 2004 as well. This is a guy who has essentially had two years since 1999 that would warrant this kind of contract. This will probably go down as a huge mistake.


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