Randy Moss to Jets?


As the lockout drags on, inactivity seems to instill a weird effect on players and clubs alike. Something that starts out as a rumor on some forum somewhere may quickly turn into fact, and something that’s pretty much taken for granted can fall apart and be shoved away into the unsubstantiated rumor bin within the span of a few days.

Not so long ago, rumors took off about Randy Moss joining the New York Jets come free agency, and while back then these rumors were pretty much shrugged off, they’ve recently taken on much more serious substance. According to Jets owner Woody Johnson, there’s little doubt about the fact that Moss has superstar potential. He has the God-given talent and he’s brought plenty to the table playing with the New England Patriots last season. Johnson also said he admired Moss’ skills and accomplishments. Does that mean he would like to see moss in a Jets uniform soon? You bet it does! As soon as the 2011 league year begins, the Jets are going to find themselves in the middle of a genuine helter-skelter free agents-wise. They have Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards becoming free agents. Brad Smith is also a free agent. While the Jets do expect to hold on to Holmes, Braylon Edwards may be an entirely different story. The truth is though that getting Moss would make sense from just about any angle for the Jets, whether they lose Edwards or not.

In other news: the Jets’ defensive linemen are planning on a serious get-together for a real workout session, complete with sled bags and actual drills. All of them have been lifting weights and running during the lock-out, but they all agreed an actual workout would prove much more beneficial. Reviewing some of last season’s defensive plays may also be part of the package.


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