Randy Couture Opens Up About Son's Fighting Career

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Now retired, Randy Couture (19-11) is able to watch as his son follows in the same career path.

Ryan Couture (5-1) is a lightweight fighter who has competed solely in Strikeforce since making his MMA debut in 2010. In his last fight, Ryan defeated Joe Duarte (10-3) in July.

"We're in the same environment, we are striving for the same things," said Randy. "He studies all the fighters just like I do, and we talk about all those things. In a lot of ways we're wired a lot alike."

Randy knows being the son of a hall of famer isn't an easy task and does try to keep some distance, while still giving guidance.

"I try to stay out of the way as much as possible," said Randy. "It's already a burden dragging around the last name. In some ways it slapped a target on him from the jump. He takes all that in stride. I don't try to impart anything [to him]. I always try to lead by example, so I've tried to do things as best as I could and in some ways he's followed that example. If he asks me questions I share my experiences with him."

Since Randy's retirement, he enjoys being able to spend more time with his son.

"I'm kind of making up for some lost time in a lot of ways," Randy. "Most people don't get that opportunity but I've been fortunate to have him as close as I get to have him to me right now, at this stage of his life. I'm just enjoying the ride."

There has been no announcement for when or whom Ryan will fight next.

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