Randy Couture is Not a Fan of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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MMA legend and multiple-time UFC champion Randy "The Natural" Couture recently revealed to MMA Weigh-In his stance on testosterone replacement therapy. The game's elder statesman explained that he understands athlete's motivation to go down that road, but doesn't believe that it's the best option for anyone, especially when there are natural alternatives.

"Well, you know, I understand it," Couture leveled. "There's this whole movement out there for anti-aging. It started out with guys in their fifties, where -- naturally as you get older, you're testosterone levels deplete, your body quits producing more -- they wanna feel and recover and do the things they did when they were younger. I understand that. But, I think there are natural ways to jump start your body's own production rather than putting an external source of testosterone in your body. And I think putting the external in only compounds the issues that you're already having.

"Obviously, Chael (Sonnen), (Nate) Marquardt, there's been several athletes that have been using TRT. I think for them it's not a function of really having depleted levels of testosterone, it's wanting to have testosterone levels of a twenty-one year old again," he continued. "… I understand it, I chose a little bit different path in trying to find natural ways to boost my own testosterone levels and my body's own production."

Couture retired from MMA competition last April at the ripe age of 47, but made it that far, apparently, without the aid of synthetic testosterone boosters. It begs the question, why do so many athletes in their lower thirties (and some below even that) need to do so?

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