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Randy Couture Gives a Very Honest Take on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Although UFC and MMA legend Randy Couture has been an advocate of "natural" alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the retired former champion of two weight classes shared his thoughts on the subject recently on Inside MMA.

"We put our bodies through a ton. (Training is) very, very strenuous; very very physical," said Couture. "If there are athletes that are younger that have low testosterone, it's probably because they train like crazy people to do what we do."

So what exactly was "The Natural's" natural alternative to TRT?

"There are other natural ways, through supplementation, to increase your body's own production of testosterone," Couture told hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten

"You still want to monitor with a doctor so that you stay within those normal parameters for a human being and you don't come up positive on your drug test. And that's kind of the route I chose to go as an older athlete. I went to a doctor, I got blood tests, I measured where all of my hormones were, I started a supplement program through XCAP (Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals) to increase my body's own production of natural testosterone."

"The Natural's" supplemental alternative apparently worked, as Couture competed at a high level in MMA until the age of 47, when he retired from the sport after suffering a stunning KO at the hands of Lyoto Machida.

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