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Random George Steinbenner Facts and Information

Well, as I'm sure people coming to THT today have already heard, George Steinbrenner passed away at age 80. I have nothing insightful to say about what manner of man he was, nor any particularly eye-opening big statements about his role in the baseball world.

I do have, however, some random nuggets about him and his team.

When he ran the Yanks, the won 3,364 regular season games and lost 2,583. Combined with a 114-76 postseason record (the Yankees won more postseason games with Steinbrenner than without him), his overall mark as owner was 3,478-2,659 (.567). That's about equal to a 92-70 regular season and is a better winning percentage than two of the current division leaders have at the All-Star Break (White Sox, and Rangers).

In their regular season games, the Yanks scored 29,575 runs and allowed 26,130. That works out to 4.97 and 4.39 per game. (I don't have postseason run info handy, so I'll let someone else figure that out).

Oddly enough, the Yanks began the Steinbrenner era with a four-game losing streak. Perhaps that was appropriate, as on the day he was born they were swept in a doubleheader, beginning a five-game losing streak. They lost their first game 15-5 to the Red Sox. That's still their worst Opening Day loss under Steinbrenner and tied for worst in team history (they lost 10-0 in 1919). And 1973 was the only time under his watch they began the year 0-4. (As it happens, their next most recent 0-4 start was his birth year of 1930).

Their longest losing streak since he took over was nine games, back in September 1982. They are the only MLB team to lack a 10+ game losing streak since he took over. Almost exactly three years later, the team experienced its biggest winning streak under Steinbrenner: an 11-game streak.

Lastly, a bit of news that would've shocked people halfway through his ownership: the Yankees haven't fired a manager in approximately 15 years.

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