It was a good week for every team in the NFC West, other than the Arizona Cardinals. Taking that into account, the decision for who gets the week 14 game ball was one of the more difficult ones. There are so many worthy candidates. There’s about 53 players on the Seahawks who certainly qualify, but as per usual I’m thinking outside the box this week, and picking somebody who really doesn’t get much attention from opposing defenses, media, etc. St. Louis Rams receiver Brandon Gibson is getting this week’s game ball, and it’s well deserved.

The Rams offense has been struggling to find consistent play makers in the passing game, due in large part to Danny Amendola’s injury laden season, but had no such problems in Buffalo. Rookie wide receiver Chris Givens had been filling in admirably for Danny Amendola, but as is the case with a lot of rookie wide receivers he has struggled with consistency at points in this season, and add last week’s contest in Buffalo as one such occasion. With Givens struggling, and Amendola sitting this one out, somebody had to step up at receiver for the Rams, that somebody was Brandon Gibson.

The Bills were playing tight man coverage all day, and making life very difficult for the Rams offense. Nobody was getting open in the first half. Bradford was hurried, hit, or sacked on several occasions, and often looked at a loss with what was happening in the secondary. The Rams made the proper adjustments at the half, and on no player were the effects more obvious than Brandon Gibson. He was a man possessed in the second half, where he would tally 5 of his 6 receptions.

The numbers really don’t tell the entire story though, with regards to Gibson’s performance on the day. He was a pivotal part of the Rams successful two-minute drive to take the lead with only 48 seconds remaining, helping convert on a key 3rd and 10, and scoring what would end up being the game winning touchdown with a beautiful catch in the end zone. I’m not sure if Gibson can eventually become a regular contributor on the Rams offense going forward, but for at least this week, he was more than good enough.


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