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Rams Must Cut Quintin Mikell, Harvey Dahl, Wayne Hunter

The St. Louis Rams are a team on the cusp of playoff contention. They possess a young defense that gets after the quarterback and offense that is finally putting pieces around it’s quarterback.

This is a team that with a few complimentary pieces added in free agency could catch the league by surprise and be in the thick of the playoff race as the season winds down.

The Rams are currently set to enter free agency with only 1.8 million in cap space. They could of course restructure Sam Bradford’s deal, but they might also have to make some cuts as well. Here’s a look at those potential cap casualties.

Quintin Mikell: Mikell had a good first year under Jeff Fisher, but with the Rams needing to create cap space good might not be enough to keep him a Ram. His cap hit for next season is in the neighbourhood of 9 million which, even taking into account how well he played in 2012, is a little too much. Ok, a lot too much.

Harvey Dahl: Dahl has developed into a solid reliable option on the Rams line, but is turning 32 and coming off of biceps surgery. It seems a bit much to have a 4 million dollar cap hit on the books for somebody his age, who was never really great and is coming off of surgery.

Wayne Hunter: The Rams are looking to upgrade at tackle this off-season and that likely spells the end of Hunter’s tenure with the Rams. Hunter also carries a 4 million dollar cap hit, but hardly earns it.

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