"Rampage" Jackson Offers Thoughts Leading Up to UFC 130


As part of a blog he’s keeping for YAHOO! Sports leading up to his fight against Matt Hamill, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson says it’s great to start fight week feeling good for a change..

“That’s exactly where I’m at right now,” he said. “I know all the hard work has been done in training and know I’m more than ready to throw down this Saturday against Matt Hamill at UFC 130. It feels good to be “Rampage” right now!”

He responded to questions of his motivation because of his movie roles.. “People have asked a lot about my motivation for this fight. They don’t understand that for me, this is my career, the one I chose to do and career-wise I couldn’t be more motivated for Saturday night. Sure, I want to do more movies, but they only take six weeks to do and I can fit them into my fighting for the next couple of years. Right now I’m a fighter and I’m a guy still looking to entertain fans and win titles. Everybody around me is happy with the way camp has gone, this is the best camp I’ve had in a long time. My manager and coaches are happy with everything.”

He said he was training for this fight well enough, but then Matt may have accidentally motivated him even more.

“But then Matt came out and said he was going to break my will and that I might overlook him. Then it was on! That was all the inspiration and motivation I needed for this fight. Matt made a big mistake saying that stuff, and he will pay for it on Saturday night.”

He continued…

“I want to make sure I outclass this guy and show him just how out of his depth he is. That is my job and motivation at this point, to put a beating on this guy who said my will is weak. I decided to work a lot on wrestling, simply because I respect Hamill’s wrestling and realize that is one of his biggest strengths. Matt is a great wrestler and I wanted to pick those skills back up in order to compete with him there, if it’s needed.”

He finished by saying, “Wherever the fight goes, I’m ready for it. Prepare to watch the best Rampage you will have seen for a long while on Saturday night.”

Rampage Jackson’s thoughts leading up to his UFC fight on Saturday is a post originally from: SportsNickel.com - In Sports We Trust


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