"Rampage" Jackson Got Prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before UFC 144?

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson came into his fight against Ryan Bader at UFC 144 five pounds over weight and Bader was able to dominate him much of the fight by using his wrestling and repeatedly putting him on his back. It was revealed afterward that Jackson had injured his knee in training and that was a major factor in him not being able to make weight.

Now it seems there was another reason Jackson, for the first time in his professional career, was unable to make his contracted weight limit. In an interview with Gary Alexander from Fighters Only Magazine published Wednesday, Jackson said after he injured his knee, his doctor, who also works with the UFC, sent him to an age-management specialist that put him on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Jackson said the testosterone put a lot of extra muscle weight on him, but also allowed him heal up enough to where he could actually fight on the card. Jackson said it was his first time using testosterone and it has made him feel like such a new man, to the point he is no longer thinking about retirement. And apparently the TRT has had some very positive effects on the fighter’s sex life as well.

“I almost pulled out but then I went to see the doctor and he told me to talk to an age-management doctor. So I went and talked to them and they tested me and said my testosterone was low; they prescribed me testosterone, to bring my testosterone levels back up to levels where I can be like… so that I am the same as young people, like when I was 25, and it would help build my knee up. I hurt my knee like a month ago and I only did three shots of testosterone but it put a lot of weight on me, a lot of muscle on me but it healed me knee up good enough to where I could fight.”

“It was hard for me to train, it takes time to heal, I couldn’t do certain things, but this was my first time ever using testosterone. I took what the doctor prescribed to me and I went to the pharmacy… I gave myself small doses and that sh** immediately changed me, that’s why I am saying now I am not going to retire. I am not gonna retire no time soon, its just unfortunate that I got this injury.”

“I started hitting it up pretty good, I still gotta take care of my knee but I feel like a 25 year old again. My sex life changed, I was back to five times a night like when I was 25, straight up. I got stronger, lifting weights. I was never good at lifting weights but I was doing everything, pull ups and stuff, everything with my top half. I gained a lot of weight but I gained a lot of water as well, I never knew about testosterone putting weight on you like that. I had to cut weight [for the fight] and I cut 22 pounds out of the 30 I needed to cut, I just couldn’t make the rest.”

Jackson had a lot more to say too, including if he feels like TRT is similar to steroids and more. Read the entire interview at FightersOnlyMag.com.

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