Rajon Rondo Withdraws from Team USA


The chances of the United States basketball team not embarrassing themselves this year just decreased. While they still have some point guards (Chauncy Billups, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose) that can play, it won’t help that Rajon Rondo has decided to leave the team.

He says he has family obligations and who are we to say otherwise?

But, it is a little curious since he got a DNP against Spain. Coach K said that he wanted to go with a backcourt of Rose and Billups, but it was a bit odd.

Many are speculating that he didn’t appreciate the way the team has handled him, and that’s certainly a possibility. It’s not likely that this team will be world beaters anyway, so maybe he would rather just hang out at home and get ready for his season with the very average Boston Celtics.


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