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Raiders to JaMarcus Russell: Gain Weight, Play Left Tackle

With the trade for former Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell and JaMarcus Russell’s most recent, but not unusual, weight gain, Oakland seemed to have written Russell off.  They finally had enough with their underperforming, inaccurate, unmotivated, former first-overall pick.  $31.5 million in guaranteed money right down the drain.

Sources close to the Oakland organization have informed OTR that what seems to be, is not true.

“The Raiders are encouraging Russell to gain weight,” the source told OTR.  “Oakland is actually more upset with Mario Henderson’s play the last couple of years.  All fingers are pointing at him.  If Russell can get up to 325 pounds, the left tackle position could be his.”

Henderson was selected in the 3rd round of the NFL draft in 2007 and was responsible for numerous sacks last year when Russell forgot to throw a duck downfield.

OTR reached out to Russell’s agent Ethan Lock over the weekend to confirm the information.  After numerous attempts we finally got in touch with him at an In-N-Out Burger on Oakport St picking up lunch for one of his clients.  We were not able to confirm which client.

“I can’t talk about that right now,” Lock said.  “But I can tell you one thing, Russell’s going to tip the scales at 325 pounds one way or the other, it’s inevitable.  That doesn’t mean he can’t play.  More pounds equals stronger arm.  It’s what we preach.  I have to get going, my client doesn’t like when his buns get soggy.”

OTR thought this through and it does make sense.  JaMarcus never had the body-type (nor any of the skills) to play quarterback at the NFL level.  His frame is more comparable to an offensive tackle, yet he still has the athleticism of a Kendrick Perkins.  A combination of success.

“I fully expect Russell to be a Raider on opening day,” the source added more information later in the post.  “The open competition for left tackle this year is going to be exciting to watch.  I’ve never seen anyone so determined to get to 325 pounds.  This could be grounds for an extension.”

Somewhere in Denver Elvis Dumervil is licking his chops.


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