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Oakland Raiders Want Money Back From JaMarcus Russell

The Oakland Raiders have filed a grievance against former No. 1-overall pick JaMarcus Russell. They want some $9.55 million back and shockingly, it has nothing to do with his horrific play on the field.

The Raiders contend that his 2007 contract got tweaked at one point and that he’s not allowed to keep all of the money he “earned” prior to his May 7th release.

Russell was guaranteed $32 million in his rookie contract. That now looks like one of – if not the – biggest financial mistakes in NFL history.

“We have filed a grievance against JaMarcus Russell and that’s all we’re going to say at this time,” Raiders attorney Jeff Birren said.

“The money in question was fully guaranteed. That is why JaMarcus was forced to hold out and miss all of training camp as a rookie,” said Eric Metz, JaMarcus Russell’s agent, who may have done more to earn his small portion of Russell’s money than JaMarcus did to get his amount. “The Raiders know that and this is our only comment.”

The idea that JaMarcus owes anyone anything is remarkable to us. He gave that organization everything he had. No one can dispute that.


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