Raiders Rookie Khalil Mack Has Some Big Names On His Sack List


Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack may be a rookie, but that’s not stopping him from taking shots at some of the NFL’s biggest household names.

In a piece for Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning QB, Mack said he can’t wait to get his hands on two of the leagues greatest players: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

“I think I have a couple of guys on my sack list: AFC West resident Peyton Manning, fellow Class of 2014 member Blake Bortles, and I’ve got to put Tom Brady on there," Mack writes. "Brady is going to pass the ball more than 36 times a game, so that's a lot of opportunities for me."

Mack will get the chance to check two of those three names off of his list this year. The Raiders play the Patriots in week 3 and take on the Broncos in weeks 10 and 17. He’ll have to wait until another year for the chance to take down Bortles.

Mack also said in his piece that he doesn’t want to be a traditional linebacker for Oakland. He and the Raiders both believe he’s best used as a “wild card” all over the field.

“I think I’m at my best as a wild card on defense, being used at multiple spots on the field, as strange as that might sound,” he said. “That’s what the team has laid out for me, and I think that will be a good thing. I like the idea of being the guy other teams have to look out for.”

Mack is widely viewed by scouts as the closest thing there is to a sure prospect. The Raiders picked him fifth overall in the draft after a senior season at Buffalo in which he amassed 100 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and three interceptions. 


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