Raiders Don't Know What to do at Quarterback

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Raiders fans deserve better than this. In the NFL, the game plan gets implemented for the first time on the Wednesday before that week’s matchup. So, if by this time you still don’t know who your QB is going to be, that’s kind of a bad thing.

We have no idea at this point,” Cable said on a conference call when asked about the QB position this week.

Cable agreed that the uncertainty at the position puts his team in a bad spot.

“Very much so,” Cable said. “It’s difficult in that you’d like to be settled and know where you’re headed, but we’ve got some issues. So, I don’t really know when we’ll have something definitive, hopefully tomorrow, but today we’ll learn a lot, so we’ll see.”

Just to get you up to speed, the Raiders are banged up pretty good at QB and none of their signal callers are great to begin with. They traded for Jason Campbell in the offseason, but he lost his job to Bruce Gradkowski earlier in the season (doesn’t he always seem to win the job regardless of who is on the roster?). Then Gradkowski got a bum shoulder and Campbell had to play again.

It didn’t go well. Not only was he horrific, but he banged up his knee. So he’s not fully healthy anyway. The ageless Kyle Boller could conceivably start this week against the Broncos, but that’s not a ton of upside either.

So, the Raiders are stuck with three QB’s with varying degrees of ability and injury. They have no immediate plan and no real plan moving forward.

Al Davis, your fans deserve better than this.


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