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Rad Martinez Has an Interesting Fight Strategy

While it is always safe to finish a fight and not allow the judges to make the final decision, college wrestler Rad Martinez (14-2) doesn't seem to agree. Martinez relies on the points scored in a fight to bring home the win.

"That's the way it was in college wrestling," said Martinez to MMA Junkie. "I wasn't a pinner. I would grind it out and beat you on points. It turns out that's the way I am in fighting, too. I'm not afraid to admit that."

Martinez's current system has found him in the finals of the Season 7 featherweight tournament. The two wins leading to the finals have gone to a decision. Nine of Martinez's total fights have ended via decision. All four of his Bellator fights were left in the hands of the judges.

The current season is expected to conclude in December where Martinez will take on Alexander Volkov (18-3). The winner earns a future championship shot.

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