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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Opens Up About Injured Knee

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has been all over the news lately.

From admitting his TRT usage in a controversial interview with FightersOnly, to declaring his desire to be free from the UFC, Jackson can't stop hogging the headlines. After much public complaining about his treatment by the UFC, Jackson was obliged his wish to not only face a stand-up fighter, but to have it be his last bout with the promotion.

Rampage was awarded a rematch against Shogun for a farewell fight, but the former champion revealed shortly after the fight was announced that he was due for double-knee surgery and would be unable to face his old PRIDE peer. Jackson discussed how he picked up one of the knee injuries in a recent interview with MMAHeat's Karyn Bryant.

"It's no secret that I hurt my knee in the Jon Jones fight. I was just hoping that it wasn't bad, so I just ignored it and stuff like that," said Jackson. "Then, when I was training for Ryan Bader, I was wrestling really hard -- my wrestling was really good -- 'cause Ryan Bader's a great wrestler and I wanted to show my wrestling skills, 'cause when I was training for Jon Jones, my wrestling skills got better.

"One of my sparring partners, Tyson Jeffries -- that's one of the best wrestlers I've ever wrestled with -- I was beating him in wrestling. I was taking him down, slamming him, I was, like, getting the best of him. Then, he upped his game, and he started kicking my ass, like the next week," he continued. "Then I came back and I was kicking his ass. Then one day, we were sparring boxing with wrestling takedowns and the wrestling got real competitive. … He did this one move, tried to take me down, tripped over my leg and messed it up right then and there."

Jackson lost a unanimous decision to Ryan Bader late last month at UFC 144 in Japan, a fight for which he weighed in eleven pounds over the limit.

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