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Quick Hits: Yankees, Red Sox, Heat, Thunder, NBA Commercials, Bills and More

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By Rob Kotaska

  • Because baseball fans everywhere demanded it: round two of the Yankees versus the Braves started tonight.  In case that is not enough Interleague excitement for you Seattle vs. San Diego reacquaint their rivalry this weekend.  Maybe if the NBA Finals, UEFA and tiddlywinks championships weren’t going on this week I would tune in…maybe.
  • Speaking of the finals I am getting that agita feeling that comes every time the Yankees field a true contender ( and no, in spite of their recent hot streak that feeling is nowhere to be found.  They have too much bang and not enough consistency in their bats.  It far too easy for me to imagine their crutch Curtis Granderson fading away in a best of five, pulling a Rob Deer with more K’s than balls put in play.)
  • Back to the NBA…LeBron is focused, and getting some big breaks.  I guess the refs were happy that throwback Bron was in the house in not calling the pass off the back of the board as out-of-bounds.  Between James’ high level of play and the at times dubious officiating ( when they called Durant for that clear out elbow I wondered how LeBron and Kobe would ever make it out of a half if they were held to that standard) the Heat look to be zeroing in on the title.
  • Here’s hoping KD Smooth reappears.
  • What galls me more than James hoisting the trophy is the thought of Erik “the angry chipmunk” Spoelstra getting some props.  The guy looks annoying.
  • Speaking of the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy: I hate the promos with the players from each team spooning with it.  Earn the trophy, they have a photo shoot. Just another reason that Lord Stanley’s Cup is infinitely better.  You would never catch an NHL player coddling with the Cup before winning it.
  • When does training camp for the Bills start?

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